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1 May 2020

Count of Hatchet

A fantasy story driven strategy game.

1 November 2019

Cyber Run

Cyber Run getting its player stats tweeked.

About Us

Game Developer

We develop online social games.

Grumpo's vision is to create a variety of online tools to help game developers create the best games possible and to make social role-playing games that are curiosity driven and emotionally captivating.

Game Engines and Tools

Our Character Creator Tools allow developers to simply add their game style images to allow their players to create customized characters.

Our Comic Tools allow developers to create web comics with easy to use image layering and animations.

Our Story Tools allows a developer to create a point and click RPG or writers to create an interactive story.

Role-Playing System

Our Cyber Run RPG System gives theme specifc RPG designers a bundle of balanced rules to modify for their specific needs.

Game Consulting

We offer our services for consulting or contracting for other game developers.

Our services include Game Design, Art and programming.

Services available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

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